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Rest in Nida

Unique sandy peninsula was formed more than 5 thousand years ago.
The wandering dunes forested by man, the horizons of the sea and the lagoon, the mosaic of meadows and forests, the architecture of old settlements, small ports, yachts and fishing ships in the lagoon crate a unique landscape. The landscape of the Curonian Spit is a creation fostered and replenished by the attempts and work of people for many years.
Neringa is not only the land of a virginal nature, dunes and fishermen, it is also one of the most beautiful and popular resorts in Lithuania. Nida has always attracted people from all over the world. This is the place to get spiritual fare and inspiration, to meet with the eternal values and to feel balance of mind. The time is passing here in a very specific way. A big space opens before your eyes and your creative powers awake. You can feel the unique beauty of Neringa in spite the season of the year. Visit Neringa and see for yourself.
We welcome holiday-makers who yearn for quietness, the clean air of a pinewood, breathing of the wavy sea, recreation for the soul when wandering along sandy dunes...

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Nida - Neringa

Vilija Pocienė

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Cruise by motor boats

Dear guests
We kindly invite you to the 5-hour-trip along Curonian Lagoon to admire the scenery of Neringa and unforgettable landscapes of the bays of Nemunas, Minija, Upaite, Kniaupas. 





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